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"Of...of course not!" Patty spluttered, instantly reddening with shame and fear. "What kind of question is that? I would never allow my own son to help himself to my own body." "That's not what Walter says." The ensuing silence was long and tense. Patty's blush deepened, and she shamefully averted her eyes, avoiding the counselor's calm stare. Already she knew that she'd been caught. Horrible fantasies flashed through her mind's eye: of newspaper headlines, of a judge denying her custody of her son. Patty wondered if there was any point in trying to lie further. "I'm not going to tell anyone about this, Patty," Margaret said soothingly, as if reading her mind. "Anything you admit to me will be kept in strictest confidence. But I do think it would be best if we started being honest with one another. Walter admitted, with some persuasion on my part, that he has already fucked you many times. He says that you enjoying sex with him a great deal, but that you feel ashamed of yourself for letting your own son fuck you. Is that true?" Patty took a deep breath and, finally, met the counselor's eyes. "That's about right," she said. "You know, maybe it's not really so awful to let Walter keep fucking you," Margaret suggested. "After all, you're both horny, and he's old enough to --"

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